Sexual services can be mean physical contact such as escorting or domination, in proximity such as peep shows, and distanced with no physical contact such as cam work or pornography. Other terms may be people who engage in commercial sex, people who engage in the sex trades, and people who trade sex.

People who trade sex may engage under a range of different experiences, and experiences may shift or fall in grey areas. Some people in commercial sex while having multiple choices for how to meet resource needs. Some people have constrained circumstances and commercial sex may be the only viable option. Some people trade sex intermittently for immediate resource needs – exchanging sex for a place to sleep that night, for example. Some people are forced or coerced by a manager or partner to engage in commercial sex. Commercial sex may be an evolving constellation of experiences, and all are valid.

This work can be done independently, collectively with peers and/or for a manager. Sex workers may find clients in public spaces such as street-based or bar-based work, online, or through a manager. Sex work may be formal and include formal documentation such as pornography or informally with cash or under the table.

There is no singular experience of commercial sex.

Other industries with a wide range of labor experiences: domestic work, construction labor.

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