Sex work is the exchange of sexual services for resources. But it is also so much more.

Sex Work is Work.

Sexual services can be mean physical contact such as escorting or domination, in proximity such as peep shows, and distanced with no physical contact such as cam work or pornography. Other terms may be people who engage in commercial sex, people who engage in the sex trades, and people who trade sex. People who trade … Continue reading Sex Work is Work.

Sex work is an LGBTQ Issue

Sex workers have been a long standing, and often erased, part of the LGBTQ community. Sex work has offered a life line for those marginalized to not just survive but thrive, formed the backbones of nascent organizations and a sub-community for many who have been invisibilized by respectability politics. It is important to look at … Continue reading Sex work is an LGBTQ Issue


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