No Lectures or Stink Eye: The Healthcare needs of People in the sex trades in New York City.”

Persist Health Project, April 2014.

Persist (Providing Education and health Resources in Support of Individuals in the
Sex Trade) Health Project (Persist) is a New York City-based (NYC) organization, made up
of nurse practitioners, health educators, community organizers, and social workers, who
are/have been in the sex trade (or are committed allies). We believe that people in the sex
trade, regardless of our experiences, are entitled to health care spaces that are supportive and
affirming of the realities of our lives. We work to build our own spaces to serve other
community members; we also work with health care professionals to better serve us and
others in communities involved with or impacted by the sex trade.

This study is the result of focus groups conduced in New York City with sex workers of various backgrounds in the needs and barriers to accessing health care.

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